3 Self-Storage Solutions You Need Today

While falling victim to a robbery can certainly be devastating, having your personal valuables stolen from a self-storage unit can be quite shocking. With the alarmingly rise of thefts from self-storage units, consumers who rely on them to store their cash, important documents and weapons, should be concerned.

Unfortunately, a large number of self-storage thefts still go unreported. This makes it even important to implement security measures to your self-storage units. In this blog post, we shed light on some of our most popular self-storage security solutions that you should check out today:

The Smartlok

The Smartlok comes equipped with over-locking functions that discourage any unauthorized entry into your self-storage unit. This lock features a standard keypad and retrofits existing storage products to present a high-end security appearance.
The lock utilizes wireless technology to prevent access to your unit and can also be programmed to set off an alarm if anyone attempts to tamper with the lock.

The ECKey EK6 Smartphone Bluetooth Proximity Reader

This Bluetooth proximity reader takes state of the art and highly secure locking to the next level. The ECKey EK6 can be used with third party access control systems. The lock can be conveniently installed on any existing self-storage unit and offers access even when cellular networks are out.
If you constantly need to access your self-storage throughout the day, you will quickly realize how this proximity lock makes your life easier. It recognizes the unique Bluetooth signals of your specific smartphone and only unlocks and locks when you are in proximity. Its perfect for safeguarding your most valuable possessions and highly reliable for streamlining quick access.

The Fingerprint Key

Perhaps the most popular locking mechanism for self-storage solutions is the Fingerprint Key. The biometric reader supports 500 to 3,000 stored user templates and offers a foolproof security mechanism for your valuables. There is also a tough keypad, aesthetically fitted with the illuminated sensor to give you multiple ways to access your storage unit. The fact that fingerprints can never be replicated or stolen makes this the best authentication device currently on the market.

You store some of the most important and valuable possessions in your self-storage unit. Why not invest on keeping everything safeguarded with foolproof measures? If you are looking for smart locks in Washington, get in touch with us today to book your order.