5 Features to Make Your Storage Facility Safer

From having some extra space in your office to saving essential items for a rainy day, there are many reasons you may need a self-storage facility. Whatever its purpose, there is no downplaying the essential significance of securing the space.
We at Stor-Guard understand your anxieties related to the security of your documents and items stored within. Here are 5 features that will make your storage facility safer:

Suitable Lighting

Sufficient lighting adds to the security of a storage facility. Not only does it keep criminals away due to the possibility of being visible, it also makes your video surveillance more effective. Visit the facility at night and check the security lighting. If it is not well-lit, make sure you inform the concerned authorities.

Alarm Systems

Well, this one is a no-brainer. No security solution is complete without an alarm system. An effective storage unit alarm will inform the relevant authorities when an unwanted intrusion has taken place. Just having it in your facility will keep trouble makers at bay.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance enables you to keep eyes on the premises even when you are not around. With video surveillance, security guards at the facility identify potential threats. It acts as a preventive measure, also assisting in identification of the criminals, later.

High Fence

A secure perimeter with a high-gated fence is one of the features that make a storage facility safer. The fence must be strong and challenging to get past. With rapid improvements in technology, some facilities even employ security beams that can go off with motion sensors. This deters strangers and unwanted visitors from approaching the facility.

Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

It is not just thieves and vandals that you need to be wary of; fire can also be a potential danger. Make sure you have fire alarms and smoke detectors so that your security guards are immediately notified. This will ensure that the catastrophe is stopped in its tracks and that the damage is minimized.
These are some features that can make a storage facility software more secure; however, the list is not comprehensive.

Stor-Guard is an expert security solutions provider catering to different parts of the United States, including Washington, Idaho and Oregon. With state-of-the-art security systems and constantly employing modern technology, we help make storage facilities safer.