Attract Users with Fully Functional and Clean Self Storage Units

Attract Users with Fully Functional and Clean Self Storage Units
Self-storages are the best when it comes down to tidying-up living spaces de-cluttering a space or as moving-related storage solutions.
Today people are deciding to store some of their most important belongings in secured self-storage units.
With more people turning to self-storage units are you doing everything you can to ensure its protection and security 24/7?
It all comes down to the basics.

Start Off With Some Cleaning

With all the dust and pollution self-storage units can very easily become dirty. Every once in 6 months open the unit and clean the whole place up! If you leave the storage unit unattended for a long time be prepared for bugs’ invasion.
Work it nicely near the tight spaces of the kept items this would help you get rid of the dust bugs and other hard-to-see pests.
Spraying some bug-repellant would be enough to top the whole cleaning process off.

Check The Doors And Install A Reliable Security System

Self-storage units have something that needs to be checked and replaced quite often – the doors. These doors should be checked replaced if the need occurs and installed with a top-notch security system to prevent security mishaps.
When it comes to opting for the security systems of Self Storage Units we – Stor-Guard – stand atop the list. With our state-of-the-art security systems you can choose a self storage alarm systems, fingerprint key, smart lock and keypads for your self-storage units to assure your tenants of fool-proof security of their belongings.

In a nutshell

Self-Storage Units require a hefty maintenance but they are surely very convenient to help people out with their things when they are moving or planning to declutter their houses or work places.
Moreover with services like Stor-Guard your tenants can be guaranteed a secured self-storage in Washington and surrounding areas.
Theft or vandalism can do serious damage to your business property and reputation. Make sure you are covered. So if you own a self-storage unit business don’t waste another minute and have a look at our security products now!