Beef Up Your Doors Security Alarm System With CCTV Cameras For Foolproof Security

Installation, arming/disarming and covering monthly charges are some aspects of modern door security alarm systems that will have you wondering if the systems are actually worth the hassle. This is the right question to ask as you consider how you can protect your family, valuables in your home, or self-storage units.

You need to consider a number of things when it comes to door alarm systems, including how it will benefit you. Our door access and alarm interface is designed to provide you the best security while keeping intruders at bay. For a completely foolproof system, we advise you combine this door security system with a CCTV camera. Here are a few ways how this system can become your single foolproof security mechanism:

It Can Help Deter Crime

It has been concluded through various research studies that door security systems that also include alarm features help deter crime. In fact, in many areas where more than one homes installed an alarm system, the number and frequency of criminal activities, like theft and burglaries, decreased dramatically. The alarm system wouldn’t just help you make your house safer but the neighborhood as well.

Completely Programmable

Our door security + alarm system is completely programmable to manage alarms, multiple gates and a lot more. The 12 channel expansion boards can be easily connected with access controller. Once installed, our alarm security systems can cover all access and exit points in your home along with self-storage units with ease. Each board also has 4 relay outputs that can drive sirens and other warning devices as well.

Have Your Peace Of Mind

The most important benefit to beefing up door security along with alarms and CCTV cameras is that it allows you to have your peace of mind. The confidence of feeling safe, safeguarding your family as well as your valuables allows you to be more productive and focused at things that matter most. No longer do you need to be worried when you are away from home.

Apart from the door security and alarm system, we also offer a number of other state-of-the-art security products that can amplify security for your home. Don’t forget to check out our complete collection that includes fingerprint access locks, smart locks and Bluetooth proximity sensor locks. Feel free to get in touch with us today.