Causes of False Alarms You Need To Know About

False alarms. They can cost you big bucks, and can reduce the response time of authorities when real emergencies arise.
In order to eliminate this, here are some crucial reasons why false alarm occurs and how you can prevent them.  

Human Error

One of the most common reasons behind false alarms is human error. Even though modern self storage security systems are user-friendly and do not entail specialized training, mistakes are bound to take place with technology.
Many times, after a security system gets installed, homeowners don’t spend ample time learning and exploring its features. As a result, false alarms become common. Therefore, it is crucial for any entity that has permission to enter a home to be aware of how the security system works.

Faulty Equipment

  • No matter how expensive or prestigious security system you purchase, there is always a chance of it going out of order—mostly resulting in false alarms. And of course, there are systems that are designed poorly in the first place.
  • Some of the common signs that indicate a mediocre security system are
  • Smoke detectors being located very near to sources of heat
  • Lack of pet-sensitive motion detectors
  • Loosely-fitted windows and doors
  • Smoke detectors situated near bathrooms
  • Poor wiring, etc.

Inadequate Power Source

Majority of the home security systems comprise batteries. And by their very nature, batteries need to be replaced at regular intervals.
However, such systems are designed in a manner to alert homeowners about batteries draining or reaching a low-level. And when this happens, expect a false alarm. An inconsistent or unpredictable source of power supply is a common cause of false alarms.

Pets and Insects

Certain motion detectors are so sensitive that they are triggered by rodents and insects. And if you have pets in your home, expect frequent false alarms. The best way to deal with this issue is proactively investing in a security system that’s pet-friendly.

Poor Installation

It is crucial to make sure that the home security system is installed in an appropriate manner—with all heat detectors and motion sensors being aligned.
This can only be achieved when the security system is installed as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Depending on DIY installations not only trigger false alarms, but can also create a host of other problems for the homeowner.
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