Common Reasons Why People Use Self-Storage

The biggest question for anyone renting a self-storage unit is: “Will my personal and valuable belongings be secure?”
And all they are looking for is a resounding ‘YES!’ for an answer!
People rent these storage units when moving house, or renovating house etc. The passing of a loved one might also move people to place their belongings in a storage unit without the need for throwing or giving things away.
There are many more reasons to choose a self-storage unit. But they must offer one thing above all else, unequivocal security and the promise of safety.
Following are must-have features that will attract renters to your self-storage operation.   

Storage Units Offer Better Climate Control For Safekeeping

Storage units—whether located inside or out—can become quite humid and hot during summer, and cold in the winter.
Installing basic climate control features will therefore help customers during all weather. In fact, this can also make your facility more attractive in an area that experiences extreme hot and cold temperatures.
The best units are those that remain a bearable 85 degrees Fahrenheit in a climate controlled environment, when outside temperature is high. This feature helps protects items from cracking, melting, or drying which is why it’s preferred.  

The Security Cameras Ensure Better Protection of Personal Memorabilia

This is the most important security feature without a doubt. It’s the second line of defense after your facility’s secured perimeter! Security cameras make people feel safe. This reason alone should be enough to install CCTV cameras at your site.
You can also place pinhole cameras in security keypads for a closer view of people entering the facility. Install cameras right outside the office, near elevators, and other strategic locations throughout the premises!

The Alarms & Electronic Locks Offer Complete Peace of Mind

These two serve the same purpose which is why door alarms and electronic locks can be viewed as one security feature. What is the purpose? To secure and monitor every self-storage unit door! This is really important. Yes, your facility is secure but tenants also want to know their storage unit is safe and secure as well!
Installing this feature will also let you charge a premium for units, which means more profit for your business. Want to increase value of individual self-storage units in your facility? Install Stor-Guard’s Access + Alarm Interface.
Stor-Guard offers top notch customer care and service to self-storage businesses as well as the reliability of security solutions from the market’s biggest players.