Concerned About Your Self-Storage Units Security? Don’t Be

Relocating to a new home means packing all your furniture and belongings, then driving to the new place and putting everything in its proper place.

Moving to a small apartment from your parents comfortable house changes the picture a little.

Theres no way all of this furniture can possibly fit in the new apartment so what can options do homeowners have? Besides hosting a yard sale or donating extra items to a charity, self storage units are another option that you can choose.

Self-Storage Units – A Lot of Options to Choose From

In addition to indoor and outdoor self storage units, users can choose business storage units, climate controlled units, boat storage, RV, truck and car storage options. In short, there is a self storage unit available for any storage requirement!

Safety and Security in Self Storage

Storing your valuable possessions (in a self-storage unit) that cant be stored at home and keeping them safe are two separate points to remember. How can you make sure your items and belongings are secure when the unit door closes behind you? Granted you will never store jewelry and other expensive valuable (and you shouldn’t!), but even then security is essential. What self-storage users need for in their unit is greater accessibility and security!

Here are some things you need to look out for in your chosen self-storage service:

Flexible Hours of Operation

Typically, most facilities offering self-storage operate only during daytime hours. Exact opening timings differ from one location to another. However, the same rule applies in every facility.

Users can only access their self-storage unit during hours of operation which can prove to be difficult but manageable. Make sure you have the complete schedule of your self-storage services operation. Try to look for a service offering more flexible timings if possible.

A Manager on Duty

It does matter which type of self-storage facility you choose, especially when thinking from the perspective of increased accessibility, convenience and security.

One type of storage facility employs a manager on duty, i.e. the operator of the facility. During working hours, the manager on duty will be on-site to accommodate and help users with anything related to their storage unit.

Other facilities only feature a manager at the time of sign in or sign out, where at other times the facility remains unattended and locked. 

Electronic Security Measures

This is a standard feature every self-storage facilities must possess. Self storage security solutions like electronic keypads and keyless entry systems and fobs are effective when it comes to increasing accessibility and security component.

Many facilities don’t feature this security measure; make sure to inquire. Also remember to come up with a unique pass-code for the lock that will secure your units door.

Self-storage facilities can also make sure their units security remains high and un-compromised as this will attract most users. Installing a convenient and keyless entry system at the main gate will ensure users don’t face any issue in accessing the facility itself.

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