Fingerprint Door Access – Reasons Why Your Office Should Have This System In Place

Operating a business or store requires managers to think about a lot more than just the latest sales numbers.

Security of the commercial building remains at the top of the list, yet they don’t seem to be many solutions to answer this problem.

Fingerprint door access may be an effective and convenient security solution for the commercial sector, which we will discuss below:

Fingerprint Door Access – Providing Offices Greater Security and Convenience

Your business’ physical security will always be at risk until high measures aren’t taken to prevent breaches. Aside from the obvious threats to your commercial buildings physical security, keeping track of access keys, trying to find lost ones, tailgating etc. increases breach risks.

Another reason to change your buildings access system can be due to shifting risk profiles, i.e. the need to restrict access to personnel. Fingerprint door access systems which work with the latest in biometric technology are ideal for increasing security without compromising on convenience and easy accessibility.  

Here are reasons why you should install this excellent security solution:

An Economical Investment

The biometric or fingerprint door access system is a great investment, economy-wise. Stor-Guard offers an accurate and cost-effective fingerprint scanner and door lock that is outfitted with the latest biometric technology. Additionally the fingerprint key system comes with an optional internal iCLASS card reader therefore providing multiple ways for granted authenticated access.   

A Token-less Office Lifestyle

Installing this incredible security access measure in your office means employees and other personnel wont have to worry about carrying cards and keys around.

Not only will a biometric door lock systems reduce the risk of lost or misplaced keys, this system will increase secure accessibility.

An Accurate Data Management

Usually biometrics technology is linked to further aid security personnel with the help of carefully designed management software. With its help, all daily door transactions become automated and are saved accurately in the biometric door access system. This provides an additional layer of security to your commercial building without having to install new security measures.

Stor-Guard offers the same if not better level of secure and easy accessibility to commercial buildings and even self-storage facilities in Washington D.C. Available in tow memory configurations, the fingerprint key access system supports 500 to 3,000 stored user templates within its machinery. Additionally, the cost-effective and reliable product comes with an illuminated sensor and tough-sensor keypad. Order one today!