How Secure is Your Self-Storage Facility?

A good storage solution is to turn to self-storage facilities.
Many people make use of these facilities to have a secure place to place their belongings. But are these facilities really secure? What can you do to ensure that you have chosen the best option? There are a lot of things to look at beyond the price tag when selecting a self-storage facility.
Along with affordability, it should be a secure self-storage space, to make sure your items remain undamaged and protected. 

Choosing a Storage Facility

Observe the facility closely, making sure it appears to be well-maintained. Certain obvious security measures should be easy to spot. The storage units should be in good condition, with sturdy locking hardware that is difficult to tamper with.

A fence around the perimeter of the premises is also always a good sign. Just the look of it being secure enough would serve as a deterrent against those looking to break in.

Surveillance is key. The building should be fitted with security systems and surveillance cameras at appropriate locations. With all the modern technological advancements in security systems, it’s vital for a secure facility to be fitted with the latest in door security and alarm systems.
Key-code gate entry and fingerprint scanners can prove to be highly useful in safeguarding storage units more effectively.

What Can You Do?

While it’s imperative to ensure that the self-storage facility you have opted for is secure enough to store your possessions, there are a number of things you yourself can do to.
This will help secure your belongings further, giving you peace of mind that you have established a safe environment to the best of your abilities. If your chosen facility allows you to select your own preferred lock for your unit, go for one that can hold its own against bolt cutters.
Items that are of high value should be placed at the very back of the unit. This will give them an extra layer of protection from theft. Most thieves tend to break in and speedily grab items that appear to be very valuable. By placing such items at the back, it will be less likely to come to the attention of thieves that are in a hurry.
At Stor-Guard, our services aid self-storage facilities in adequately safeguarding their units from theft and damage. We provide state-of-the-art security for self-storage facilities in Washington, Idaho, and all other U.S. states. Call us at 800-651-3129 to get more information!