How Smart Locks Are Changing The Game

The fight against crime is a constantly evolving race where each side tries to overtake the other.
As criminals develop new tactics, law enforcement and regular citizens must also devise ways to counter them. Smart locks are the newest advancement in this thousand-year-old competition, and are setting new standards in home security.

The Ancient Problem

Door locks are a product of antiquity, which should come as no surprise as warding off criminals has been one of the primary bases for survival.
They have constantly evolved over the years, all in an effort to make them more impenetrable, yet easy to use. This trend has reached its crux with the invention of smart locks, which are operated wirelessly, yet offer unprecedented levels of security.
Keys have a tendency of being misplaced or stolen. Strangers who have them can use the keys to access the property in question. Moreover, standard locks that were not provided by a company of the highest standard could be picked easily.
Because of this, there was high demand for wireless locking systems and many ingenious technologies were developed. Unfortunately, these new systems were only suitable for large offices and factories, and not properties that needed smaller scale security.
From card readers to biometric scanners, these locks were either too cumbersome or too expensive for regular domestic use.
Thus, a locking system that uses a smart phone entry to grant access is ideal. Using them to swiftly unlock or lock the door is an excellent opportunity.

What Opportunities?

There are many unique benefits of getting smart locks that may not appear immediately. Aside from the obvious advantage of not fretting about carrying a key around all the time, there are some other ways they can be useful.

Some smart locks can be set to unlock automatically once your device is in close proximity. This is useful for when your hands are full of boxes as the door will swing open on its own.

The lock will be able to provide vital information about access to the property. You would be informed if someone entered the premises; images would be captured, just in case.

You can also grant access to people, such as close friends and family, to the property, so that you do not need to worry about leaving behind a key hidden in the yard—which poses a serious security threat.
Of course, the quality of your self storage security system relies on the service you hire to install it. The entire aim of getting smart locks is to eradicate loopholes associated with conventional locks.
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