My House Was Broken Into What Do I Do?

The thought of one day returning to your home to find it ravaged by an intruder has chilled us all to the very bone.
We play that scenario in our head and think of how we would handle.
It is, after all, a possibility. But even then, ask any victim of intrusion and they will tell you how it came at the most unexpected moment.
Thus, here is a quick set of instructions for what you should do, if such an unfortunate day ever arrives.

Leave the Premises

Yes, its your own property that was trespassed upon, and you shouldn’t need to flee it as if you were the burglar.
But while most intruders leave through the back once the owner returns, some hide in the property. This puts you and your family at an incredible amount of risk, as he or she may hurt them and take them hostage in order to escape.
Moreover, your presence on the site might taint any vital evidence investigators would need. You don’t need to do an inventory of the stolen items immediately. Simply take refuge in a safe place-like a neighbors house, and call the police so that they can come and safely inspect the property.

Handle the Aftermath

But once the police have investigated the crime scene and have retrieved any evidence, you should start listing down the items damaged or stolen.
Youll need to provide this list to the law enforcement authorities and your insurance companies.
Its best that you be comprehensive in this. Don’t just provide a general selection of items damaged or stolen. Note the make, model, serial numbers, and any other important details that you can provide.
You should also specify exactly how the item in question was damaged. In addition, don’t self-censor any objects from the list just because you think it is irrelevant. Every shred of information is vital to an investigation.  

Moving On

Once the dust settles, it is important to move on. Try getting the affected property repaired as soon as possible to put your life back in order. This is because an investigation may take several weeks to conclude, and you cant continue living in a broken home waiting for it to end.
But with that said, you need to take necessary precautions. If your home was raided, that means there was something fundamentally flawed in your security systems.
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