Tips for Maximizing Self-Storage Security

Security of your self-storage unit is of paramount importance. You don’t want your precious documents and expensive furniture in unsafe quarters. With incidents of theft and vandalism on the rise, make sure you do whatever it takes to secure your self-storage units.
We, at Stor-Guard, provide you with some tips to maximize the security of your self-storage unit. Read on to find out:

Get the Right Storage Unit

The very first thing that you need to do is find a suitable self storage facility software. Make sure you know what your needs are and take time out to research. If there is anything that is temperature-sensitive, you will need a climate-controlled self-storage unit. Doing your homework will enable you to find a storage-unit at a secure location.

Employ Strong Gates and High-Quality Locks

You want your goods to be guarded by a strong gate and safe locking system. A firm gate with electronic features will ensure that only individuals with the access code can enter the facility. Make sure you invest in high-quality locks. A secure lock will not only keep intruders at bay, it will also give you peace of mind.

Use Video Surveillance

Todays highly-innovative video surveillance devices allow you to monitor each and every moment within the premises. They allow you to keep a check on who enters the storage facility, and when. In case of a mishap, this recording can be used by law enforcement authorities to get to the real culprits. Moreover, using video surveillance in conjunction with storage unit alarms can notify security officials at the facility which will prompt them to take immediate action. This surely reduces chances of theft and robbery.

Keep Visiting the Facility

Installing a secure lock with video surveillance equipment is not enough to keep your self-storage unit safe. Make sure you regularly visit the facility to see if there are any loopholes in the security systems you have implemented. Think from an intruders perspective and employ stronger measures to be on the safe side. This practice will surely keep you ahead of the game.

Implement Innovative Technology

Technology in the security industry has taken a huge leap. From products such as smart locks and fingerprint devices, a self-storage facility can become a whole lot safer. Make sure you have the latest and innovative products in self-security to make your facilities safer.
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